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Demystifying AI in Education

AI can be a powerful ally in your teaching toolbox! This session will explore practical ways to integrate AI tools to empower teachers and students. We'll explore how AI tools can boost teacher efficiency and personalize learning. We'll also delve into how students can leverage AI responsibly and become ethical digital citizens.



Questions?  Reach out to Kara Osmundson or Sandy Reishus




Begin to create a unified approach for communicating expectations with students about AI integration within their coursework:

  • What are your concerns for your particular content area?
  • Are there conversations that would be helpful to have with students at the beginning of a course around AI?
  • How can we encourage students to leverage AI tools for understanding concepts and developing critical skills, rather than solely focusing on generating answers?
  • How will you approach situations when a student turns in AI-generated work in a non-confrontational way?
  Are there assignments you've noticed elicit AI-generated work from students? How could the assignments be revised to ensure students are demonstrating their own knowledge and analysis in the work they submit?
  Are there ways you are currently using AI tools for teaching or learning that feel helpful?




Considering your academy's focus, which AI-related questions would spark meaningful conversations for students? 

  Review the Common Sense Media AI curriculum.  Would you use any of these lessons with students?
  Scan AI articles related to your academy.  How could you incorporate nonfiction reading and discussion of these articles to help students understand the potential and limitations of AI?  What other resources on AI can you find (articles, videos, etc.) that apply to your courses?




Login to these SPS-approved AI teacher tools and explore their features:


Practice "the art of the prompt" with Microsoft Copilot (district sign-on, 18+), Google Gemini (district sign-on, 18+), or Chat GPT (13+).  How does incorporating the following affect your results?

  • Your role
  • Emotion
  • Information about context, setting, our your intended audience
  • Aspects you are intentional about including in your planning (i.e. diverse perspectives, developmental design concepts, relationship-building, student-centered learning, etc.)
  Explore the BLC blogs and AVID resources on AI tools in education.