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SHS Learning Commons & Innovation Hub Procedures 2020-2021: LEARNING COMMONS

The Learning Commons' procedures for the 2020-2021 school year provide a safe, welcoming environment for students and staff.  Please be aware of the following operational changes and always reach out with any questions.

Scheduling Checkouts

In order to guarantee physical distancing and disinfecting of shared spaces, we can accommodate one class at a time in the Learning Commons.  Login to myReservations to check availability.  You may schedule either the first 30 minutes or last 30 minutes of the block, listed as two separate spaces in MyReservations.  

               Example in MyReservations:


While browsing for books, students should follow the same guidelines as the classroom.  They should always wear masks over their nose and mouth and maintain a distance of at least 3-6 feet from other students or staff, including while waiting in line to check out.  Apply hand sanitizer as you enter the LC and before handling books. Learning Commons staff will ask for your school ID, and when your account comes up, you may scan your book.

After materials are returned, they will be quarantined for three days before being re-shelved.  

Learning Commons Entrance
Students must use the main entrance to the Learning Commons (2nd Floor), not the stairs from the 3rd Floor.  
Walk-In Use of the Learning Commons

Walk-in students are not allowed to work independently here this year.  Conference rooms are available for students working in the Academic Resource Center.  Students can visit the Learning Commons for book checkout if a class is not already signed up for the space.  Here is the procedure for sending students for book checkout:

  1. First visit MyReservations, or call Vallie or Maryam (Ext. 4222) to check the current status of the Learning Commons.  If the Learning Commons is open, we can accommodate up to 8 walk-in students to check out books.  
  2. Call Vallie or Maryam (Ext. 4222) to check how many students you may send (no passes needed at this time).
Before and After School Use of the Learning Commons

Per building guidelines, students will report directly to their first period class at the beginning of the day.  Up to 15 students will be allowed in the Learning Commons from 7:45--8:15 and 2:30--2:40 for individual book checkout.  If a student from your classroom wishes to go to the Learning Commons to check out a book before school, call Vallie or Maryam (Ext. 4222) to ensure there is space.  Learning Commons staff will post a sign on the outside of the door once capacity is reached.

Reader Advisory (Connecting Students with Great Books!)

The Learning Commons staff loves to provide 1:1 help to students for finding a "just right" book that matches their interests or assignment needs.  Students can also request personalized recommendations from Sandy for print books, eBooks, and audiobooks by filling out the Request a Book Recommendation form.

For both IHD and Shakopee Online classes, Sandy can create online reading guides for both print books, ebooks, and audiobooks based on theme, genre, or a specific project (Example 1, Example 2).

Research Instruction

If your classes are doing research, Sandy can put together a brief mini-lesson that shows how to use the best research tools for the project.  She can also put together research guides that you can link to your Canvas pages (example).

Student Printing & Chromebook Checkout

If students need to print or check out a Chromebook, they should go to the Innovation Hub. The Learning Commons printer will not be available for walk-in students.  

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Please see this flyer for making appointments online tutoring with ARC staff.